Construction of the new headquarters of the Mainardis Pharmacy in San Vito al Tagliamento, using the Climablock formwork, Isolcupolex and Spyrogrip raised slab. Thanks to the use of the Pontarolo System, the roof was completed just over 10 weeks after the start of the demolitions and after only 6 months the Pharmacy was open to the public.

➡️ Very fast construction

➡️ healty and comfortable building

➡️ Antiseismic

➡️ High thermal insulation


Commercial building pavement with Isolcupolex technology. This project needed a good thermal insulation while ensuring a great load bearing capacity with no deformation.

➡️ Surface 650 m2

➡️ External thermal insulation from the pavement (improvement of the thermo-hygrometric performance of the floor)

➡️ Energy saving

➡️ Reduced installation times (simultaneous laying of ventilation and insulation)

➡️ Non-deformable structure even if subjected to large loads (use of high resistance Sottopiede)

➡️ Low consumption of concrete and steel


SCHOOL “BENEDETTO COSTA” reconstruction after the earthquake 

Technologically advanced strategic building – gift from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region – built in just 16 weeks.
1350 sqare meters on two levels.
Maximum thermal performance NZEB (nearly zero energy building)
Class 4 anti-seismic structure
After the terrible earthquake of 2017 in the center of Italy the city of Sarnano needed a quick and reliable way to restart. The region friuli, organized and re-built the kindergarten of Sarnano in only 16 weeks. Not in a temporary way, but in a high quality and resistant structure. Pontarolo was an active part of this project having supplied the righe solutions in order for the builders to be fast maintaining a great quality.

The solutions provided include high-tech disposable insulated formwork to create ventilated crawl spaces, Climablock walls, Tubix columns, raised insulated slabs with kaldo and roof insulation with Windi.  

The result was a very high quality and seismic-resistant structure, with a very thick insulation (NZEB) that made it a strategic building for the province.

To find out more -> here is the link to the blog page


Requalification of a residential building in Italy, Mogliano Veneto.
Improvement of the thermal insulation with Isolcupolex over the existing pavement. Insulation thickness 8.5 cm + 10 cm aeration + 5 cm slab. The intervention served to improve comfort inside the house and to solve humidity issues from the ground.

➡️ Reduced thickness of the package

➡️ Insulation from the outside of the structure

➡️ Natural ventilation


San Vito al Tagliamento

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