TUBIX is a disposable column formwork in cardboard for the construction of cylindrical pillars. It the simplest and most economical solution for cast-in-place monolithic columns offering load-bearing and decorative functions.

The single-use formwork can be custom ordered with diameters ranging from 15 to 120 cm and heights up to 12 m.

TUBIX can form pillars with smooth or spiral finishing due to the inner polyethylene layer. The smooth finishing allows the column’s concrete to be left exposed.

The column formwork in “Forma” version, adds inner EPS to create squared or other decorative section columns.

The formwork TUBIX-T in Forma is made up of two layers: an external layer of cardboard which ensures resistance to hydrostatic pressure and an inner polystyrene (EPS) layer which allows the formation of the desired geometric shape.

The use of TUBIX-T in Forma eliminates costly operations involving nailing, strapping, stirrups and use of props to obtain shaped pillars.


cassero per colonne monolitiche


  • Supporting pillars for all types of buildings and structures (multi-storey, residential, industrial buildings, car parks, silos, depots, roofs, …)
  • Decorative and ornamental columns


  • Tubix – T should be stored upright in a dry place and not exposed to direct sunlight
  • The column formwork does not expire, but it is suggested to use it within 1 year from the date of purchase
  • The pillar formwork must be removed within three days of casting
  • Handle the Tubix-T element carefully with suitable protective gloves
  • Make sure the element has not undergone deformation of the geometry


  • Easy installation compared to traditional formworks
  • Smooth finishing of the column if required
  • Easy handling of the formwork
  • Wide range of dimensions and shapes
  • Easy formwork removal without chemicals

cassero per colonne


  • Anchor Tubix-T to the base with four crossed pieces of timber;
  • Keep Tubix-T in a vertical position with the relative arrows pointing upwards, without damaging or puncturing the tube (for heights greater than 4 m use extra fixing points);
  • Install the reinforcement inside the column formwork, making sure not to cause any damage what-so-ever to the internal polyethylene coating;
  • Remove the column formwork with a cutter after 3 days from the cast.
  • Make sure, during casting, not to cast the concrete from more than 1 m from the concrete level inside the form. For heights greater than three meters it is absolutely necessary to use a casting pipe to avoid separation of the aggregates or damage to the formwork.
  • Dispose of the formwork in accordance with current waste regulations.


Pontarolo Engineering S.p.a. gives full technical assistance with project design, specifications, BIM objects and logistic service.


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