Cupolex Soil Cell

Cupolex Soil Cells

Cupolex soil cells are a forming system for providing an easy, efficient and fast solution for constructing a pavement with a customizable volume of uncompacted planting soil underneath, in order to plant trees and guarantee their healthy growth.

This cutting-edge forming system comprises of CUPOLEX domes, tubes, bases and a patented bracing system that quickly interlock and connect to each other composing a self-bearing structure ready for the placement of planting soil and then the concrete pavement.

It is the ideal system to create walkways, sidewalks and public realms with plants or trees. Trees are free to grow without damaging the upper slab, while all the loads of the slab are transferred to the compacted base layer underneath the tree soil, without applying any loads to the soil itself.

The elevated CUPOLEX pavement supported by the matrix of columns formed by the Rialto tubes can support high loads.

Render di una piazza con Cupolex radici


  • Car parks
  • Streetscapes
  • Roadways
  • Footpaths
  • Plazas
  • Green Roofs
  • Break-Out Zones
  • Medians
  • Shopping Centres


Cupolex Soil Cell

Soil Cells

Cupolex Soil Cell

Stormwater Management


  • Durable concrete structure
  • Enables trees to receive, store and transmit water, nutrients and energy
  • Provides room in which roots can propagate. Rialto creates space below the pavements which is required for good soil life and the necessary biochemical exchanges to promote tree growth
  • Provides savings in time and materials compared to other tree and stormwater management systems.
  • Flexible for any dimension on plan or depth and can be easily installed around new or existing underground utilities and pavement penetrations.
  • Allows for root breakout from the soil cells into surrounding soils
  • Provides a complete opened void allowing for easy flow of water into and out of the soil
  • Cost effective: up to 50% cost saving compared to conventional plastic shoring systems for creating soil cells
  • Up to 250 cm of soil height

cupolex radici


Step 1: Excavate tree pit, install a sub-drain and prepare base material as specified.

Step 2: Layout Cupolex Rialto bases and attach each base together with snaps provided creating a grid pattern.

Step 3: Install Cupolex Rialto tubes on to each base.

Step 4: Install Cupolex Rialto soil braces and soil caps on top of tubes.

Step 5: Place geogrid around perimeter of Cupolex soil cells and tie the geogrid with zip ties around each tube securing the bottom, middle and top of the geogrid to the system (Geogrid to be min 30cm above Cupolex dome). Add planting soil as specified and lightly tamp.

Step 6: Add 45cm of filter fabric to the top of the geogrid with zip ties. Ensure 5cm to 15cm of filter fabric is below the top of the tube. Back fill collar as specified.

Step 7: Remove soil caps (only after soil has been placed)

Step 8: Install Cupolex domes and flat stops to close the system.

Step 9: Once all back fill has been placed and compacted (base material should not be above the top of the tube). Cut the geogrid and filter fabric on all four corners to the top of the tube fold away from system. Fasten geogrid and filter fabric to the ground with landscape staples min 15cm.

Step 10: Install form work around tree pit and Cupolex system, install welded wire mesh and rebar as specified.

Step 11: Pour concrete and vibrate concrete in every tube.

Step 12: Install tree, tree grate and unit paving as specified.


Pontarolo Engineering S.p.a. gives full technical assistance with project design, specifications, BIM objects and logistic service.


  • Typical Cupolex Soil Cell slab design
Typical Cupolex Soil Cell slab design
Socraccarico permanente (Kg/m²) Sovraccarico accidentale (Kg/m²) Spessore soletta (cm) Armatura metallica Armatura pilastro Pressione di contatto (Kg/cm²)
200 200 6 Ø 5/20×20 1Ø6 2,05
200 400 6 Ø 6/20×20 1Ø6 2,50
400 500 7 Ø 6/20×20 1Ø8 3,50
400 1000 8 Ø 8/20×20 1Ø10 5,10

In case of higher loads please contact our technical office.


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