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Spyrogrip slab – the two-ways concrete slab

Spyrogrip Slab is the system of panels that allows you to create insulated two ways slabs in concrete in a single step, without the use of plastic neils.

The Spyrogrip Slab panels are made of high-performance EPS Twinpor ™ and create a continuous and constant insulating layer under the raised slab ensuring excellent thermal insulation and allowing easy installation of the utilities. The monolithic slab, on the other hand, thanks to its high mass, provides excellent thermal behavior in the summer.

Two versions

The insulation panels have a special conformation with anchoring grooves to the concrete, which allow them to be laid directly on the formwork before casting.

They are also mutually connectable thanks to the interlocking edges, which guarantee perfect flatness and prevent percolation of the concrete.

The panels are available in two versions:

Spyrogrip Slab: ideal where a plaster or smooth finish is required.

Spyrogrip Slab Indoor: with recycled plastic supports incorporated for drywall installation directly on the panel;

Elementi di Spyrogrip Soletta indoor e outdoor

Spyrogrip soletta per solaio a piastra render spaccato


  • Ease and speed of installation directly on the formwork without the use of dowels;
  • High thermal insulation thanks to the high performance Twinpor ™ material with various thicknesses of the panels available;
  • The two-way slab, thanks to the uniform thickness and its mass, contributes, in combination with an appropriate package, to achieve an excellent level of acoustic insulation and thermal inertia.
  • Easy utility installation: can be easily installed inside the insulation by making the traces with a hot knife;
  • In combination with Climablock forming system for walls, the insulation continuity of the wall-floor node is guaranteed, avoiding any thermal bridge.


  • Solid mechanical anchoring to the concrete thanks to the grooves of the panel which allows to avoid an further operation of installing the panels with glue and dowels, after casting.
  • No dropping of the casting and perfect flatness thanks to the interlocking edges between the panels;
  • Panels also available with improved compressive strength: EPS 100 or EPS 150 (kPa);
  • No drywall structure needed: directly attachable onto the Spyrogrip Slab Indoor plastic inserts;

Particolare spyrogrip soletta per solaio a piastra



Residential Buildings


Public Buildings


Commercial and Industrial Buildings


Emergency Shelter Buildings


Building Renovations


  • Install the raised slab formwork and position Spyrogrip Slab above the created structure.
  • Lay Spyrogrip Slab installing the insulation panels together along the joints with the grooves of the panels facing upwards.
  • Proceed to place the reinforcement as per technical drawing. The operation is facilitated by the fact that the Spyrogrip Slab panels are walkable.
  • Finally cast the concrete

Posa di Spyrogrip soletta per solaio a piastra


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