System for roof gardens and green roofs

WINDIDRAIN® system to create roof gardens, provides superior water drainage, water storage, and aeration to create a harmonious balance of air and water in the substrate soil.

The WINDIDRAIN® elements are specifically designed for extensive and intensive roof gardens where substantial water retention is required for plant usage. They are light weight panels made of 100% recycled polypropylene, molded specially and designed with retention cups and drainage.

The unique design allows for the free drainage of excess water, achieving flow rates from 10 to 30 times higher than that of conventional drainage methods. At the same time, the system is engineered to promote irrigation through capillary action and evaporation into the soil/vegetation level. WINDIDRAIN® may easily be installed over waterproofing membranes or insulation. It is easily cut to fit around penetrations, perimeters, and drains. In applications where intensive green roof gardens are required, the retention cups may be filled with mineral substrates.

WINDIDRAIN® may also be installed to create green areas where it was not previously possible. Plants and flowers, can easily grow on existing roofs, terraces and paved yards. The system, has a wide range of uses: to change paved roofs into a garden plot with shrubs and trees; to create intensive or extensive green roofs and for sport fields.

Windi Drain stratigraphy for green roofs

Tetto verde realizzato con Windi Drain


  • Extensive green roof systems
  • Intensive green roof systems
  • Existing terraces or balconies
  • Sport fields


Windi Drain

Humidity and Vapor Intrusion/Radon Mitigation

Windi Drain

Bad or Expansive Soils

Windi Drain

Celle Frigo

Windi Drain

Stormwater Management

Windi Drain

Concrete Roads


  • Rounded feet allow elements to be applied directly on the waterproofing
  • Unlike other systems, WINDIDRAIN® creates a consistent cavity underneath in all directions for passing of irrigation systems, pipes or other services
  • Ventilation and aeration in all directions
  • Made of 100% recycled high density polyethylene
  • Suitable for both flat and steep roofs, due to its patented interlocking system
  • Superior drainage of excess water/flow rates
  • Ideal for use with lightweight engineered soils
  • Fast and simple assembly
  • WINDIDRAIN® is available in 50 mm and 100 mm heights.

Green Roof with windi drain

Elementi Windi drain per giardini pensili


  • Lay the elements from left to right and from top to bottom, with the arrow facing up
  • Fill the feet with expanded clay or other mineral material
  • Apply the specified filter fabric on top of the whole area
  • It is recommended to lay at least 20 cm of good soil


Pontarolo Engineering S.p.a. gives full technical assistance with project design, specifications, BIM objects and logistic service.


  • Brochures
  • Technical sheet
  • DWG and CAD
Technical sheet


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