KALDO, the thermo-panel to create suspended slabs or ceilings

KALDO is a thermo-panel, made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) elements, to create suspended slabs or ceilings with monodirectional beams and with a modulable thermal insulation. When compared to traditional technologies, KALDO offers a more lightweight materiel with higher thermal insulation properties.

Each panel is designed and produced for each project, by customizing both the dimensions of the beam and the thickness of the insulation with no further work on the job site.

Due to its lightweight material it is easy to handle on site and, thanks to the metal supports, they are self-supporting and allow for workers to walk on top: they only need supporting props underneath at a required spacing.

Il solaio Kaldo del Sistema Pontarolo, spaccato dei vari componenti

Il solaio Kaldo del Sistema Pontarolo, spaccato dei vari componenti 2

KALDO panels include spacers to obtain the correct concrete cover on the beams as well as metal supports on the bottom for the installation of a finishing such as drywall or similar. Alternatively, normal plaster finishing suitable for EPS, can be used.

Energy certificates are easily obtained with KALDO: Class A, NZEB and Passive House. It is recommended to combine the use of these insulated panels for elevated slabs with CLIMABLOCK and other high-performance systems.

Single KALDO elements, which are not preassembled at the factory, can be installed over a single span: they are easier to handle, but lack in the self-supporting feature.

BIDIRECTIONAL slabs can also be created with single KALDO-BIDIRECTIONAL elements.

Il solaio Kaldo bidirezionale del Sistema Pontarolo

Il solaio Kaldo del Sistema Pontarolo, applicazione residenziale


  • Construction of elevated and suspended slabs
  • Residential buildings
  • Renovations and buildings extensions
  • Public buildings where thermal insulation is needed
  • Offices, shops, hotels or other commercial buildings
  • Industrial Insulated buildings
  • Fire resistant slabs, obtained with the appropriate concrete cover
  • Slabs with a fire reaction class of B-s1 d0 obtained with an appropriate finishing



Residential Buildings


Public Buildings


Tertiary, Tourism and Industry Buildings


Emergency Buildings

Why choose Kaldo

KALDO beams have a standard width of 12 cm and center distance of 60 cm, however the width can be personalized with enlargements (16 or 20 cm) to increase shear resistance and bending moment. Moreover, to reach high fire resistance levels of REI 90 and REI 120, the panel can be produced with an enlarged beam, in order to increase the concrete cover.

Il solaio Kaldo del Sistema Pontarolo, posa e puntellamento del sistema

Il solaio Kaldo del Sistema Pontarolo posa in cantiere


  • Integrated thermal insulation: saves installation costs
  • The insulation layer can be tailored to meet site specific transmittance requirements: four different measures of the insulation panel under the beams are available
  • Reduces energy consumption of the building
  • Adaptable to any project: enlarged beams on both ends, inclined ends, cross beams.


  • Includes an element to obtain the correct concrete cover with 3 cm as standard and other depths of cover also possible.
  • Includes, if required, the patented ceiling supports used to install internal finishing drywall. All supports are embedded in the concrete beam for a safe installation, even in case of a fire.
  • Insulation continuity with no thermal bridges
  • Engineering calculations are easy to convert from other types of specified slab


  • Lighter slab when compared to traditional slab systems
  • Together with Climablock, continuous thermal insulation is ensured on the wall-slab connection
  • Utilities can be quickly installed inside the panel using a hot-knife to cut all necessary tracks
  • Easy and clean casting without concrete slurry loss


  • Prepare the panels to be installed as per site-specific installation layout
  • Lay the panels on top of cribbings as specified in the installation layout (between 1.20m and 1.55m)
  • Place rebar and mesh according to structural specifications. This is easily achieved as Kaldo is easy to walk on.
  • Cast concrete traditionally filling the beams first.


Pontarolo Engineering S.p.a. gives full technical assistance with project design, specifications, BIM objects and logistic service.


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