Refrigeration buildings

Freezing is the process, typical of structures that operate constantly at low temperatures (0 somebody C/32 somebody F) through which the freezing of the soil, saturated with water, causes a deformation pushing the surface upwards.

Under the pavement of these buildings condensation is deposited which, if it is not removed by good ventilation or by adding heat to increase the temperatures, will eventually freeze damaging the floor of the building.

For this purpose, large cold rooms are usually formed by an important cooling system and a thermally insulated casing to minimize consumption. Both the floor and the walls are therefore constructed with large insulation thicknesses and concrete slabs in order to withstand high loads without deformation.

The ideal solutions to achieve these results are:

  • Isolcupolex, the ventilated Crawl Spaces nest already isolated in Twinpor EPS. It allows to obtain an insulation at the highest levels with reduced thicknesses and to ensure the non-deformability of the floor. The loads, transmitted from the concrete to the leaning below, do not stress the insulating layer.
  • Climablock, the ICF formwork made of Twinpor EPS. that allows to obtain, with an easy and fast laying, a solid reinforced concrete structure with high thermal insulation and minimum thermal transmittance with U of 0.127 W/mqk.


Featured isolated crawl spaces

  • Creation of the santario void and laying of the isolation in a single gesture;
  • Non-deformability of the flooring;
  • Continuity of the sanitary vacuum that guarantees a free ventilation under the whole structure;
  • In warm areas ventilation can be easily carried out with the outside hot air;
  • Easy inspection and minimal maintenance;
  • Heated air can be introduced into the hornet’s nest directly from the outside via hot discharges of industrial processes or combustion engine housing rooms;
  • Possibility to reuse air in a “closed” system, heat and dehumidify it;
  • Reduced energy consumption in the cold room.

Featured isolated wall

  • Structure and insulation with only one operation;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • High thermal insulation and availability of different thicknesses;
  • Reinforced concrete continuous septum;
  • Possibility to install the systems in the polystyrene inside the cell;
  • Creation of the structure;
  • Absence of thermal bridges;
  • Durability of the structure.


  • Cold storage rooms;
  • Food storage;
  • Isolated structures;
  • Hockey fields;
  • Industrial floorings.

Products for refrigeration buildings

Prodotti Cupolex


Prodotti Cupolex


Prodotti Cupolex

Isolcupolex Plus

Prodotti Cupolex

Isolcupolex Plus

Climablock: cassero a perdere isolanante per pareti in Cemento armato
Prodotti Sistema Pontarolo


Prodotti Sistema Pontarolo



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