Insulated Aerated Floors

ISOLCUPOLEX, a new patented system from Pontarolo Engineering, permits the creation of insulated aerated floors in only one layer; thus avoiding the expensive and bulky multi-layered packages. In fact, raised slabs and ventilated cavities in contact with the ground often require a layer of insulation to improve the thermal performance of the building.

This insulated aerated floors allow to obtain transmittance values ​​up to 0.09 W / m2K and the raised cavity is adaptable to every need with measures that are fully adjustable to the project.

The ISOLCUPOLEX system is perfectly applied in renovations, new residential, public or private buildings with high energy performance. It is also suitable to replace the bulky multi-layered slabs in industrial buildings characterized by high loads. With ISOLCUPOLEX, in fact, the loads are transmitted to the ground by the particular geometry of the concrete cast on site and do not stress the EPS layer which is deformable. Moreover the insulation is placed on the outside part of the slab, thus avoiding problems of condensation.


  • Insulation on the outside of the structure
  • Adjustable insulation thickness
  • nondeformable structure even with high loads
  • Only one concrete cast with helicopter finishing
  • High living comfort
  • Ideal for floor heating systems
  • High insulation performance even with reduced thickness for building renovation


  • Residential
  • Industrial where it is necessary to isolate and ventilate
  • Renovation of basements or buildings
  • Public health and school buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Fridge buildings

Vespaio areato Isolcupolex in una cella frigorifera

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