Seismic and thermal requalification

The redevelopment of an existing building’s seismic and thermal properties represents an important opportunity to make a building safer and more energy efficient, thus giving it a new life. This is usually done using a seismic improvement technique on the supporting structure and the application of a thermal coat (ETICS).

Spyrogrip Sismiko is an innovative, patented system that allows both applications to be performed in a single step.

The redevelopment is made simple and fast: the installer performs both operations by working only from the outside and can also incorporate new duct services into the system, avoiding much of the internal demolition. The Sismiko system is extremely effective wherever a thermal coat is required in seismic zones.

The system of spacers and panels in EPS Twinpor TM is installed directly on the existing masonry wall, acting as stay-in-place formwork for the creation of a small layer of reinforced concrete. The expanded polystyrene material provides insulation and the layer of reinforced concrete, which is dowelled into the existing wall, increases seismic resistant. The greatest advantage for renovating with Sismiko is that work only needs to be carried out on the building exterior without interrupting normal activities inside. For example, schools can be redevloped during regular hours without interipting classes.

In Italy the use of Pontarolo technologies allows access to the 110% Superbonus deduction provided by the government for both renovation and reconstruction with seismic improvement.  All products are made with sintered expanded polystyrene (EPS) TWINPOR, a material with high insulating performance that meets the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM).


  • Seismic improvement of the building;
  • External application allows the normal performance of activities inside the building;
  • Thermal insulation improvement;
  • Increases comfort;
  • Reduces energy consumption;
  • The passage of new electrical or water systems inside Sismiko, avoid any internal demolition;
  • Modular panels adapt to any type of facade.


  • Existing buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Apartment buildings

Products for Building Renovations

EPS Products


EPS Products



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