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Pontarolo Engineering S.p.A., born in a small but dynamic area in Pordenone province, in the Friuli region of Italy, has been operating in the construction business for over 55 years. Pontarolo Engineering focuses on the research and development of new technologies and provides clients with a wide range of services, from product supply to engineering solution support.

Born as construction company, Pontarolo combined the long experience gained in the sector and began to manufacture innovative products for the building sector. With the most modern manufacturing technology, it offers designers and builders a range of technologies in order to improve building quality, comfort, time and environmental sustainability.

A dynamic company, made up of a highly motivated team, it has collected numerous prizes and awards over the years, proving the success and appreciation of its products internationally.



Create innovative and advantageous solutions for the building sector by looking at the present reality with the eyes of the future.


Lay the foundation of a better future by offering sustainable building solutions for the environment and resilient assets for the cities.Pontarolo Engineering Spa wants to incorporate its many years of experience on site with technological knowledge to provide the best solutions.The goal is to have everyone who comes in contact with our technologies become stakeholder.

Research & Development

Pontarolo Engineering Spa work is totally based on its trademarks, patents and multiple awards, infact most of its technologies are protected by national or international patents.

Research has always been one of the most important activities of the company, in fact, thanks to the big investment in research and development it is considered an INNOVATIVE PMI.

Research projects

Design the future
for the urban resilience
and environmental sustainability



Environmental sustainability of buildings is the key goal of the work of Pontarolo Engineering Spa.

Sustainability concerns all phases of the life cycle of the products: use of recycled and durable materials, completly recyclable at the end of life. Also packaging is designed in order to maximise the recycled and recyclable materials. Pontarolo saves and reuse more than 90% of the production waste and also post consumer waste, in fact the majority of its products are in recycled plastc. The factory is also served by photovoltaic pannels (220 kW) that covers almost 30 % of the energy consumption of the company, morover all injection molding machines are low energy consumption in order to lower emissions.

The use of our insulation products also heps decreasing life emissions of a building and decrease the impact on the environment.

The Group

Pontarolo Engineering SPA is the head company of the Pontarolo Group, that extends world wide.

  • Pontarolo Engineering
  • Pontarolo Commerciale
  • Sintesyplast
  • Onek
  • Class Design
  • Pontarolo Engineering Inc. – Canada
  • Cupolex Building System – USA
  • Cupolex Pty Limited – Australia


Strong presence in the Italian market, Pontarolo Engineering Spa exports also in Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Austria, Germany, Romania, and in non EU countries such as Canda, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Estonia, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

The company is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards by the certification authority ICMQ S.P.A of Milan.


San Vito al Tagliamento

PONTAROLO ENGINEERING SPA have been working in the construction business for over 55 years.
+39 0434 857010



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