For Your Home

For Your Home

Sistema Pontarolo is a made in Italy construction system for your house or apartment. Deciding to build a house with the Sistema Pontarolo means choosing comfort, durability and well-being.

To understand what it means to “feel good” in the place where we spend most of our time, let’s try to close our eyes and think about the difference between eating freshly cooked pasta and a pre-cooked pasta … between touching a smooth and oiled wooden surface compared to a cold plastic one … between feeling on the skin a cashmere sweater and one in synthetic fiber… between breathing fresh mountain air and polluted city air.

The Comfort that you feel through your senses is also scientifically measurable through some important parameters that depends to the construction system used to build the House.

Here the choice of the right materials becomes very important: discover the building system Sistema Pontarolo and propose it to your designer!


Why choose Sistema Pontarolo

Sistema Pontarolo it’s a complete construction system including several innovative products and technologies from the foundation to the roof. The structure and insulation are consistent through the entire building and allows to have quickly the best quality and durability.

The system focuses to build the house respecting high energy performances and savings both in summer and in winter. The result is a high level of living comfort, which also improves your health and a durable and safe house.

Our construction system allows, in fact, to obtain the highest certifications in terms of energy quality such as: Class A, GOLD CASACLIMA, NZEB Buildings, Passive House

Sistema Pontarolo house

Comfort abitativo bimbi

Features and Benefits

  • High living comfort;
  • Anti-seismic building;
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Constant temperature in all seasons;
  • No indoor condensation;
  • Certain production times and costs;
  • Healthiness and excellent indoor air quality;
  • Energy saving with consequent economic savings;



Starting from foundations going to the roof, Sistema Pontarolo includes:

The insulated raised floor Isolcupolex;
The ICF forming system Climablock;
The suspended slab system Kaldo or Spyrogrip Soletta;
The insulated and ventilated roof system Ventus;
Or Spyrogrip and Spyrogrip Indoor insulation panels in case of renovations.

All products are made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) TWINPOR™, a material with high insulating performance identified by the researchers of Pontarolo Engineering. In order to limit the impact on the environment it also contains more than 10% of secondary recycled material which makes it compliant with the Italian Minimum Environmental Criteria (Ministerial Decree 11.10.2017).

Casa con vespaio Isolcupolex

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    PONTAROLO ENGINEERING SPA have been working in the construction business for over 55 years.
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