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Gas Radon e Umidità di Risalita

Humidity and Vapor Intrusion/Radon Mitigation

The mitigation to the rise of the gases from the subsoil is a preventive strategy used in the sites with presence of volatile contaminants such as radon gas or methane and often results in a particular design of the casing in contact with the ground.

The CUPOLEX Ventilated Crawl Space allows you to control the rise of gas because the air gap significantly reduces the concentration until it reaches negligible levels; moreover, thanks to the use of a natural or forced ventilation of the vacuum below, prevents infiltration inside the building.

It is an economical and easy to install system that allows to reduce maintenance costs, build in polluted areas where other systems fail and ensure a healthier buildings.

Poor and Expansive Soils

The CUPOLEX and CUPOLEX RIALTO technologies offer cost-effective and fast solutions to solve problems of expansive soils or expansion due to ice, to create raised slabs and aerated wasps and are valid replacements of lighter, more expensive filling materials.

Over the past 30 years, the CUPOLEX system has become increasingly common in aerated slab and foundation projects, not only to solve the problem of Radon gas from the ground, but also in cases where soil type was a problem. CUPOLEX allows to create slabs with high load resistance with a consumption of concrete and iron less than traditional systems.

Soluzioni Cupolex

Terreni Espansivi e a Bassa Resistenza

Soluzioni Cupolex

Celle Frigo

Fridge Buildings

In most buildings operating below the freezing temperature (0 section C/32 section F), condensation is deposited under the floor unless heat is applied below. This condensation (if it is not removed thanks to good ventilation or a rise in temperature) will eventually freeze damaging the building floor.

A properly designed CUPOLEX ventilated crawlspace with a heated or not ventilation system, prevents the process of freezing and freezing the floor, thereby avoiding structural damage. With the already insulated ISOLCUPOLEX system it is possible to integrate an important layer of thermal insulation to the system, minimizing heat exchange and energy waste for the use of cold rooms and ensuring a high load bearing capacity and durability of the structure.

Stormwater Management

The CUPOLEX and CUPOLEX RIALTO technologies offer economical and fast solutions for the creation of rainwater collection and holding tanks for both engineers and companies, as well as public bodies.

Major applications include slowing down and reducing the volume of water injected into sewage systems in the event of water bombs, as well as collecting and accumulating rainwater for later reuse.

Soluzioni Cupolex

Vasche di Recupero Acqua

Soluzioni Cupolex

Isole Vegetative

Soil Cells

Given the anti-smog and anti-pollution properties of trees, their presence, especially in the city, is very important. Often, the health of the same is determined by the quality of the place where they are planted.

Ensuring an adequate volume of unccompacted soil below the pavements is a problem that engineers and landscapers have always discussed.

The patented CUPOLEX RADICI system guarantees an effective and economical solution for the vegetative islands, allowing the creation of a structural pavement and a large volume of healthy and uncompressed underlying soil.

The trees are therefore free to grow without damaging the surrounding pavement and the irrigation systems are easily integrable.

Concrete Roads

The road network market is constantly being renovated and is always looking for new economic solutions with the lowest possible environmental impact. Concrete, used especially abroad, is a valid alternative to asphalt: CUPOLEX technology allows the construction of sustainable and durable roads and highways, with a smaller amount of concrete compared to traditional systems.

CUPOLEX elements hook together allowing you to receive the concrete jet that will give shape to a monolithic structure with arches below, able to withstand high loads like a full slab but with less concrete and with high resistance to breakage problems due to the freezing of the ground below. The underlying vacuum also makes it easy to obtain a ventilated area that can accommodate easily inspected cables, technological systems, pipes and pipelines, as well as rainwater collection tanks placed directly under the road surface.

Soluzioni Cupolex

Pavimentazioni Stradali

Soluzioni Cupolex

Tetti Verdi e Giardini Pensili

Green Roofs and roof Gardens

The implementation of roof gardens or green roofs has a growing demand especially in the city, where the climate has become unbearable. Green roofs, in fact, in addition to representing an aesthetic and architectural value, produce benefits such as: they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, drain and slow down the impact of water bombs, counteract the summer overheating and mitigate the temperature, return moisture to the environment by evaporation.

Pontarolo Engineering is able to offer solutions for the creation of green roofs or roof gardens that meet every need.

Insulated Aerated Floors

Often ventilated vespais against the ground require a layer of insulation to improve the thermal performance of the building. Pontarolo Engineering has patented a system for the creation of an already isolated ventilated hornet’s nest with a single product; thus avoiding the expensive and cumbersome packages with many layers.
The ISOLCUPOLEX system is perfectly suited to be applied in renovations, new residential, public or private buildings with high energy performance, but also in all those industrial buildings with high loads, where using traditional wasps you need an insulating layer and a reinforced concrete hood also of high thicknesses.

Soluzioni Cupolex

Vespai Isolati


Soluzioni EPS

Edifici Residenziali

Residential buildings

The Pontarolo Building System allows to realize completely, from the foundations to the roof, residential buildings in class A, NZEB and passive. The technology involves the use of EPS blocks and panels that act as formwork for the C.A. structure and remain in place as thermal insulation.

With our system it is possible to build at certain times and with certain costs vespai, walls, floors and roofs with integrated thermal insulation such as single houses, villas and multi-storey buildings environmentally sustainable, earthquake-resistant, equipped with maximum living comfort and energy performance.

The integrated solution of structure and insulation reduces the construction costs linked to the presence of distinct processes while the reduced thickness of insulation compared to other construction technologies allows a significant gain in useful surface.

Public Buildings

The Pontarolo Building System, comprising a hornet’s nest, walls, floors and roof in a single System, is the most advantageous solution for the construction of public buildings, be they schools, banks, municipal buildings, museums, libraries, … etc.

Thanks to the use of our technologies, it is possible to build, at certain times and at certain costs, buildings of any type of construction guaranteeing high values in terms of comfort, eco-sustainability, seismic resistance and energy performance.

Soluzioni EPS

Edifici Pubblici

Soluzioni EPS

Edifici Terziario, Turismo e Industria

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Comfort, savings, efficiency, speed, sustainability and seismic resistance are just some of the advantages of building commercial and industrial buildings using the Pontarolo Construction System.

Our technologies allow you to design and build hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, industries, etc with an integrated solution of structure and insulation, reducing in this way the construction costs due to the presence of separate processing: Climablock for the load-bearing walls, Kaldo for the floor slabs, IsolCupolex Rialto for the foundations and Spyrogrip for the coat.

Building Renovations

Upgrading existing buildings, especially in Italy is fundamental for the environment, for the maintenance of heritage, for the quality and safety of life and for the economy.  By carrying out construction interventions through the use of the Pontarolo System, we ensure that our customers can reach maximum values in terms of comfort, eco-sustainability, earthquake resistance and energy performance.

The use of our system allows access to all the tax deductions provided for by the legislation in terms of energy redevelopment, renovation, earthquake adaptation of buildings.

Soluzioni EPS

Riqualificazione Energetica Edifici Esistenti

Soluzioni EPS

Riqualificazione sismica ed energetica

Seismic and Energy Requalification

The seismic and energy requalification of a building represents an important opportunity to make it safer and more energy efficient, thus giving it a new life.

The Coat Spyrogrip Sismiko, is an innovative system, patented, that allows to perform both applications in a single passage, and therefore to improve the seismic resistance of an existing building and increase its energy class with a single system.

Emergency Shelter Buildings

The Pontarolo Building System allows the creation of Emergency Buildings by designing a precise, efficient and rapid action plan in the face of situations of real need and urgency.

In fact, our technologies, together with a programmed management of the design and construction of the building allow you to optimize the construction site by creating the structures quickly and cost-effective and contained.

The use of Pontarolo Building Systems such as Climablock for the walls, Kaldo for the floors, IsolCupolex Rialto for the ventilated crawlspace, ensures the construction of eco-sustainable buildings, earthquake-resistant and equipped with the maximum energy performance.

Soluzioni EPS

Edifici Emergenza

Soluzioni EPS



The ideal solution for the construction of residential and public swimming pools is Climablock, the innovative construction system consisting of expanded polystyrene formworks that are mutually and quickly connected to each other are ready to receive the concrete jet.

In this way it is possible to obtain a continuous reinforced concrete structure of any shape and size, even curved, with high mechanical strength values. Thanks to the high insulating properties, the dispersion of heat is significantly reduced compared to a pool made with traditional walls.


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