Isolcupolex, aerated concrete slab with an integrated floor insulation

ISOLCUPOLEX  is a multi patented system for the creation of an aerated concrete slab with an integrated floor insulation with heights varying from 11 cm to 250 cm.

ISOLCUPOLEX system acts as a stay-in-place forming system for the casting of the pavement slab. The slab can bear high loads and leave a void underneath providing aeration and /or passage of utilities. In this way the slab has an integrated floor insulation layer on the outer side of the structure: this stratigraphy helps to avoid all humidity problems. Moreover the concrete layer can better provide a thermal flywheel for an optimal average radiant temperature all year round.

The system has all the necessary accessories for any project applications, and can be adapted to any building plan, varying by height of the system and thickness of the floor insulation. The thermal transmittance of the system can meet any project requirement by varying the floor insulation thickness (Isoldome) and adding the insulation under the concrete legs (Leg Closure).


Alternate Configurations

ISOLCUPOLEX  has four possible configurations. All indicated measures are considering a standard dome thickness of 8 cm.

  1. ISOLDOME + TOP CROWN: height 11 cm
  2. ISOLDOME + LEG + LEG CLOSURE + BASE + TOP CAP: heights from 23,5 cm to 80 cm
  3. ISOLDOME + LEG + TUBE + BASE: heights from 80 cm to 250 cm. The combination of the Leg and Tube elements eliminates the potential for a thermal bridge


By installing the insulation and aeration in one step ISOLCUPOLEX saves time and money and gives the project value.

The concrete slab geometry created with this system distributes all the loads from the top of the slab to the sub-base without loading and deforming the insulation layer. Moreover, there is no need to create a second reinforced slab, as in the case of a more traditional aerated and insulated pavement, which saves significantly in time and money.


  • Thermally insulated pavements for private and public buildings
  • Insulation and aeration for refrigerated buildings
  • Substitution for traditional infill and insulation material
  • Creating an aerated floor
  • Creating a void for cables and utilities
  • Raising the floor while reducing its weight
  • Ventilation of humidity and radon gas


IsolCupolex® Rialto

Humidity and Vapor Intrusion/Radon Mitigation

IsolCupolex® Rialto

Bad or Expansive Soils

IsolCupolex® Rialto

Refrigeration Buildings

IsolCupolex® Rialto

Residential Buildings

IsolCupolex® Rialto

Public Buildings

IsolCupolex® Rialto

Tertiary, Tourism and Industry Buildings

IsolCupolex® Rialto

Emergency Buildings


  • High insulation of the floor
  • High living comfort
  • Natural or mechanical ventilation of the sub-floor
  • Alternative to the traditional aeration and insulation systems
  • Saves gravel or other infill materials
  • Can reach any transmittance value
  • Adaptable to any project layout
  • Beams and slab can be poured monolithically if designed together
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Works well with floor heating systems
  • Fully recyclable
  • Insulation material not compressed due to the loads
  • Can go up to 250 cm


  • On average two laborers set 20 m²/hr
  • Installation follows a design layout
  • Lay the reinforcing mesh directly on top of ISOLCUPOLEX leaving the appropriate cover
  • Pouring and finishing of the concrete slab in the conventional manner, filling the LEGS first
  • Pour in multiple steps if the slab is very thick
  • Cut the elements if needed in order to adapt to the area


Pontarolo Engineering S.p.a. gives full technical assistance with project design, specifications, BIM objects and logistic service.


  • Typical Isolcupolex slab design
Typical Isolcupolex slab design
Uso della Struttura Sovraccarico Permanente (Kg/m2) Sovraccarico Accidentale (Kg/m2) Spessore della Soletta (cm) Armatura Metallica Pressione di Contatto
Abitazione Civile 200 200 5 d.5/20×20 1,34
Uffici 200 300 5 d.5/20×20 1,57
Garages 300 700 6 d.6/20×20 2,76
Industria Leggera 300 1200 7 d.8/20×20 3,95
Industria 300 1600 8 d.8/15×15 4,91
Celle Frigo 300 7200 15 2 x d.12/20×20 10,9

In case of higher loads please contact our technical office.


  • Brochure
  • DWG and CAD
  • BIM
  • Specifications
  • Walkability test
Walkability test


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