Spyrogrip, thermal insulation panel

The insulation panel Spyrogrip is the most advance solution for the thermal insulation of a traditional building. Used whenever you need to apply insulation panels on a wall or ceiling.

The panels, in fact, are made of EPS Twinpor® that lowers the thermal trasmittance, hence improving insulation with respect to traditional EPS panels with the same thickness.

All panels are manufactured via injection molding, improving traspirability, planarity and present interlooking teeth to guarantee an easy and perfect installation. The inside face of all panels presents omega Ω shaped grooves to increase surface and improve connection with chemical glue or mortar in addition to mechanical joints.

The unique geometry of the omega Ω shaped grooves, on the inner face of the insulation panels, permits to increase the gluing capacity on the support. The number of plugs needed is hence reduced.

Spyrogrip insulation panels made in injected EPS are breathable, and permiths an easy drying of the wall in case of humidity formation, with a consequent mould prevention.



  • Thermal insulation on new buildings
  • Thermal insulation for rennovations
  • Reduction of thermal bridging
  • Insulated Foundations
  • Placing of insulation inside the forming system before concrete cast
  • Insulation of multistore buildings



Residential Buildings


Public Buildings


Tertiary, Tourism and Industry Buildings


Emergency Buildings


Building Renovations

Easy Installation

  • Perfect planarity, simple and fast installation thanks to the interlocking system
  • Improoved anchoring (mechanical and chemical) on the existing wall thanks to the Ω shaped grooves on the insulation panel
  • No need for plugs in some optimal cases

Energy performance

  • Maximum insulation and minimum thickness of the package: different thicknesses available
  • EPS Twinpor provide improoved λ values with respect to traditional EPS material
  • Comply to the majority of the state regulations
  • Continuous insulation with no thermal bridges


  • Does not deform under sunlight
  • Lower sunlight reflection during installation
  • Ideal to quickly cover big areas thanks to its dimensions (116 x 60 cm  with thickness of 10 e 12 cm)
  • High compression resistance panels where needed (100 KPa standard or 150 KPa)
  • Full kit available withpanels, glue, finishing and accessories
  • The indoor insulation panel version includes drywall supports

Ristrutturazione con cappotto termico Spyrogrip del Sistema Pontarolo


Spyrogrip Indoor permits to insulate from the inside of the building anywhere it is not possible to insulate from outside. Presents driwall supports and does not need screws for the installation: saves money and is convenient with respect to traditional panelling systems.

Economic sustainability

Using Spyrogrip permits to:

  • Save money for heating or cooling to building
  • Improve comfort
  • Reduce emissions
  • Receive financial incentives if provided from the government


Using Spyrogrip gives:

  • Traspirability of the insulation layer: naturally expells humidity
  • Thermal bridges elimination: improoved healthyness and no more mold
  • Improoved comfort with constant temperature of the walls

Ristrutturazione con cappotto termico Spyrogrip del Sistema Pontarolo


  • Attach a starting shape profile horizontally and separated from the ground
  • Clean the surface of the wall and remove all debris
  • Apply plyurethanic foam or cement glue on the back of the panels and attach them on the wall starting from the bottom row on top of the starting profile
  • Proceed with the next row of insulation panels and make sure to offset the upper panels with respect to the lower ones
  • Make sure to couple the interlocking shape on top and bottom of the panel to reach a perfect planarity
  • Apply a first layer of external plaster, at least 2 mm thick, with a fiberglass mesh, plus a second layer of plaster on top


Pontarolo Engineering S.p.a. gives full technical assistance with project design, specifications, BIM objects and logistic service.


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