Climablock is a high quality ICF system (Insulated Concrete Form)

Climablock is a high quality ICF system (Insulated Concrete Form), to realize concrete walls integrating in only one solutions the structural resistance of concrete with the thermal insulation properties of EPS (Expanded polystyrene).

Climablock walls are characterized by the presence of EPS panels on the inner and outer surface, providing a great thermal insulation during winter and summer seasons preventing any heat dispersion, saving money and increasing comfort. The insulation layer is uniform and continuous preventing the formation of thermal bridges. The specific stratigraphy of the wall: insulation – mass – insulation, gives optimum level of insulation even during summer, thanks to the elevate thermal lag, damping of the thermal wave and trasmittance of the wall.

With Climablock ICF system you can build anti seismic buildings, thermally and acoustically insulated, with a high comfort level and healthiness, without humidity and mold formation.

Virtuous certifications are easily obtained with the use of Climablock ICF technology, for example NZEB (Near Zero Emission Buildings) CasaClima, Passive houses and others.

The ICF system is composed by block elements that, mutually connected to one another, create a form to cast the concrete. Installing Climablock is quick and easy, and does not require skilled labour or special tools. In fact, in only one step, structure and insulation are made, ensuring a quick and practical installation, saving money and time during construction and reducing maintenance during building life. Moreover, utilities and drywall finishing are easily installed on  the block, saving even more costs.



  • Residential buildings thermally insulated at one or more stories
  • Rennovations or extensions
  • Public or strategic buildings with high thermal efficiency, like hospitals, offices…
  • Underground buildings like parkings, utility rooms, houses…
  • Residential buildings for tourism and other..
  • Thermally insulated warehouses


  • Founadtion beams and insulated slab edges
  • Structural walls in contact with soil with reduced excavated area
  • Swimming pool walls
  • Fire resistant walls with the appropriate concrete cover
  • Walls with fire reaction class B-s1 d0
  • Realization of partition walls




Acquablock is a waterproofing and anti-Radon adhesive membrane made up of a bituminous compound spread on a high-density polyethylene film, designed and developed for waterproofing vertical walls, foundations and bases.


Residential Buildings


Public Buildings


Tertiary, Tourism and Industry Buildings


Emergency Buildings

Piscina Climablock


Energy performance

  • High values of thermal insulation and minimum heat loss
  • Absence of thermal bridges and continuous insulation layer
  • High comfort level in the summer thanks to a great periodic thermal transmittance, thermal lag, and thermal damping
  • Cost saving due to low energy usage both during summer and winter
  • Diversified insulation thicknesses prevent humidity and mold formation
  • Constant radiant temperature from the wall guaranties high comfort
  • High living comfort


Optimized construction process

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Installing Climablock blocks and reinforcement is easy and not hard for the workers and doen’t need special tools
  • Structure and insulation in ony one step
  • Installation of the utilities inside the EPS layer saves drywall structure, space and time
  • Drywall finishing applied directly on the climablock blocks

Quality and regulations

  • Antiseismic structure for any seismic area compliant to the actual regulations
  • Acoustic reduction higher than regulation requirements
  • Maximum energy level certifications such as Passive houses, NZEB (Near Zero Emitting Buildings) buildings, Class A CasaClima

Economy and quality of the construction process

  • Simplified site management with less working steps
  • Increased useful surface thanks to the thin wall pachage with high insulation values
  • Low maintenance
  • Any kind of finishing available

Construction, economic and living Sustainability

  • Sure time and cost of construction
  • Heating and cooling requires less energy with consequent cost saving
  • Quality and value of the construction remain high during time
  • High living comfort with no internal humidity and mold formation
  • High thermal comfort due to constant insulation and absence of thermal bridges



Design Optimization

  • Optimization of the design stage thanks to precise layout for a correct and waste free installation
  • Section and conceptuals database for the design support
  • BIM objects available


  • Start by laying the corners and continue with the laying of the linear blocks
  • Then place the reinforcement that, as a final result, will form a mesh composed of horizontal and vertical irons similar to the welded mesh; if necessary place the closure caps or counterframes
  • Finally proceed to the expected altitude and fix the alignment system and foothold to the formwork Climablock
  • Adjust the alignment and the footing just before casting. Cast using S4 concrete (thixotropic type, inert particle size 20 mm)
  • In the realization of the floor does not interrupt the continuity of the external insulation thus avoiding thermal bridges; moreover, the floor slab is already performed
  • The plant engineers perform independently, with a hot knife, the tracks safely and quickly
  • The block brackets allow you to fix the inner finish coating without performing the special structure
  • The external finishing can be the same as the “coat” systems, or made by applying any other coating


Pontarolo Engineering S.p.a. gives full technical assistance with project design, specifications, BIM objects and logistic service.


  • Depliant
  • Technical Indications
  • DWG e CAD 16.2 cm
  • DWG e CAD 19.2 cm
  • Technical sheet
  • BIM
  • Specifications
Technical Indications
DWG e CAD 16.2 cm
DWG e CAD 19.2 cm
Technical sheet


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