Pratex, the grass saver

The grass saver Pratex is a modular element useful for the construction of driveways and pedestrian areas, safeguarding the grassy surface: thanks to its larger cells than the average, it keeps the lawn compact and thick even when passing or parking cars.

Pratex is a plastic grass saver used to prevent grass areas from eroding. The wide cells extend the lifetime of the grass even when used as parking.

The grey Pratex module is used as gravel stabilizer by maintaining it at the correct level and preventing the formation of holes and puddles.

Due to the larger cell of the lawn saver than standard products, Pratex provides more space for the roots of the grass to retain moisture in the soil. It also comes with coloured caps for parking lines in white, yellow or blue.




  • driveways for cars
  • public or private parking
  • pedestrian and bicycle paths
  • lawn protection
  • camping areas
  • preventing erosion in steep lands
  • tree edgings


  • Larger cells retain more moisture in dry weather, while the holes provide for appropriate drainage during rainfall or irrigation
  • Vehicle accessible
  • Easy to shape and cut with a circular or flexible saw
  • Very high load-bearing capacity
  • Practical interlocking system
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Perfect adherence to the ground with anchoring pins
  • Invisible: blends entirely with the lawn
  • Anti-slip grainy edges



  • Prepare a minimum 15 cm thick gravel subbase and cover it with several centimetres of a finer material.
  • Lay the grass saver on top of it, making sure that the elements are securely fastened to one another.
  • Insert coloured caps if required
  • Cover the grass saver with soil, sow the grass seeds, add fertilizer and water.
  • Soil and gravel will gradually compact, restore the filling of the cells to preserve the lawn saver over time.


Pontarolo Engineering S.p.a. gives full technical assistance with project design, specifications, BIM objects and logistic service.


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Technical sheet


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