Residential complex in Opicina, Italy made up of 30 house units divided in 7 different design models in different levels. All buildings are realized with Climablock with the best thermal insulation and seismic resistance.

➡️ Class A energy building

➡️ Maximum thermal insulation

➡️ High energy efficiency


Requalification of a residential building in Italy, Mogliano Veneto.
Improvement of the thermal insulation with Isolcupolex over the existing pavement. Insulation thickness 8.5 cm + 10 cm aeration + 5 cm slab. The intervention served to improve comfort inside the house and to solve humidity issues from the ground.

➡️ Reduced thickness of the package

➡️ Insulation from the outside of the structure

➡️ Natural ventilation


San Vito al Tagliamento

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