Hudson Yards is changing the face of New York and it will also change how the world views New York.
An unprecedented investment labels Hudson Yards as the largest in the state and one of the most complex constructions in New York City.
Cupolex has provided the company with optimal solutions for:

➡️ Raise the slab;

➡️ Facilitate the passage of services and pipes below;

➡️ Lighting the structure and reduce the load on the ground below.


SCHOOL “BENEDETTO COSTA” reconstruction after the earthquake 

Technologically advanced strategic building – gift from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region – built in just 16 weeks.
1350 sqare meters on two levels.
Maximum thermal performance NZEB (nearly zero energy building)
Class 4 anti-seismic structure
After the terrible earthquake of 2017 in the center of Italy the city of Sarnano needed a quick and reliable way to restart. The region friuli, organized and re-built the kindergarten of Sarnano in only 16 weeks. Not in a temporary way, but in a high quality and resistant structure. Pontarolo was an active part of this project having supplied the righe solutions in order for the builders to be fast maintaining a great quality.

The solutions provided include high-tech disposable insulated formwork to create ventilated crawl spaces, Climablock walls, Tubix columns, raised insulated slabs with kaldo and roof insulation with Windi.  

The result was a very high quality and seismic-resistant structure, with a very thick insulation (NZEB) that made it a strategic building for the province.

To find out more -> here is the link to the blog page


The project is characterized by the strong connection with the existing building, designed by Marco Zanuso in the seventies, respecting its heights, colors, and following its branched shape. The building comprehend 50 residential units, arranged on three levels. 

The varied pattern of openings of different sizes rhythm and lightens the long continuous facades where light plays a fundamental role also for the interior spaces.  All walls and the facades are made with Climablock technology, giving proof of the high flexibility of the system. Windows and doors are easily inserted in the wall system by simply cutting the Climablock formwork in shape.

➡️ Maximum seismic, thermal and acoustic performances

➡️ Easily met the project requirements

➡️ Competitive costs

➡️ very quick realiation


The new EXPO 2015 area in Milan, Italian Pavilion, is realized with Pontarolo technologies:

➡️ Over 40’000 square meters of raised slabs with Cupolex and Cupolex Rialto

➡️ Spyrogrip insulating panels

➡️ Pratex lawn saving grid


This project represents an innovative application of our wall system Climablock: it served to create a concrete shell in order to improve both seismic and thermal resistance of the school. The most important detail of this intervention was that it was all applied from the outside so that the lessons could go on.

The new external wall was built following the existing old wall and properly connected to it by a serie of dowels. These dowels permits to transmit the seismic energy from the old brick wall to the reinforced one, while maintaining the old structure intact.

At the same time the thermal insulation was improved reducing heating and cooling costs.


San Vito al Tagliamento

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