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April 19, 20240
When it comes to building a pool, the choice of materials and construction techniques makes a difference in terms of durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and customization.

Are you planning to build an in-ground pool but unsure which method to use?

The use of EPS Climablock formwork is one of the most innovative systems in the field of concrete pool construction: it’s a technology that allows for great geometric versatility and rapid installation. 

Let’s explore the different geometric possibilities together.

Muri lineari

The most common shape for a pool is rectangular. Using EPS Climablock formwork, constructing linear walls becomes an extremely efficient and precise process. The lightweight and manageable blocks fit perfectly together, ensuring a solid and uniform structure. The linearity of the walls built with Climablock is impeccable, allowing for pools with smooth surfaces and perfectly vertical walls.

90° Corners

If you desire a square pool, choose Climablock formwork with 90° corners, which allows you to easily create precise geometric shapes such as squares or rectangles. As the formwork is produced with right angles in the factory, it guarantees exact corners, giving the pool a clean and tidy appearance.

Out-of-square corners

With Climablock, you can easily build out-of-square corners directly on-site, allowing for almost limitless design freedom. This flexibility is particularly useful for customized projects or pools that need to adapt to irregular spaces. Out-of-square corners can be used to add a unique visual element or to integrate the pool harmoniously with the rest of the landscape.

Curved Walls

One of the most distinctive features of EPS Climablock formwork is the ability to create curved walls, allowing for pools with organic shapes like ovals or free-flowing forms that naturally blend with the surrounding environment. Curved walls, aesthetically pleasing, are easy to install as they are custom-made in the factory.

Variable Depths

Another significant advantage offered by EPS Climablock formwork is the ability to create areas with different depths within the same pool, ideal for meeting the needs of all users, from children to adults who want to swim and dive. The ease with which Climablock formwork can be adapted on-site to form steps or gentle slopes allows for smooth and safe transitions, improving accessibility and usability for all pool guests.

The use of EPS Climablock formwork for the construction of in-ground concrete pools offers an incredible range of geometric possibilities, from simple and linear shapes to more complex configurations. This technology simplifies the construction process and opens the doors to unprecedented creativity in pool design, innovation, and customization!

Download our Climablock Piscine brochure to find out all the technical details.


June 3, 2019

On Thursday 30 May 2019 on the occasion of the Pordenone stage of the Casa Clima Tour, the ClimateHouse Partner Certificate was delivered to the engineer Valerio Pontarolo.

This important partnership between Pontarolo Engineering Spa and the CasaClima agency in Bolzano began in 2010.

The CasaClima brand is synonymous with high energy saving buildings and a healthy way of living: energy efficiency and environmental sustainability to minimize consumption by extensively exploiting renewable energy sources.

Like? Through small but fundamental precautions during the choice of the correct construction systems and the realization itself.

“Building well to live better”

Pontarolo Engineering proposing products and construction technologies for sustainability in buildings that allow for excellent energy performance by combining living well-being and economic savings could only marry the action promoted by the CasaClima Agency.



November 2, 2017

Pontarolo Engineering s.p.a among the finalists of the Open Innovative PMI 2017 award: innovation made in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


An important milestone for Pontarolo Engineering spa: in 2017 the company from Friuli, an italian region, was selected as a finalist on the occasion of the Open Innovative PMI Award, organized by Bernoni Grant Thornton and aimed at Italian innovative SMEs, the results of which were announced in Rome, at Palazzo Cornaro, seat of the Department for regional affairs, autonomy and sport of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Palazzo Cornaro, during the conference “The world of innovative SMEs and the government plan for Industry 4.0”. Almost 70 companies took part in the initiative and Pontarolo Engineering spa entered the shortlist of six finalists in the “European and Foreign Markets” section.


Pontarolo Engineering spa, based in the Z.I. Ponte Rosso, San Vito al Tagliamento (PN) was the first company in Italy to be registered in the special section of the Chamber of Commerce dedicated to innovative companies, being suitable to meet the particular requirements required and thus taking up the challenge of innovation, a challenge that the Pontarolo group has been collecting for some time and has brought it to the world through investee companies (Canada, USA, New Zealand) and distributors.


Research, qualified personnel, creative and lateral thinking, great experience in construction and construction site problems, knowledge of European and foreign markets allow Pontarolo Engineering, led by the inventor Valerio Pontarolo (president of the Pordenone Technological Center), to confront each other on a daily basis. with one of the most traditional sectors, proposing innovative and advantageous solutions and spreading the know-how acquired with a rich program of activities aimed at more or less specialized audiences.


September 15, 2017

On 15 September 2017 there was the inauguration of the new “Benedetto Costa” school in Sarnano (Macerata), Italy.

Only 16 weeks to re-build a technologically advanced building – a gift from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region – thanks to the passion, commitment, solutions of a team of professionals and companies from the region and the Climablock construction system by Pontarolo Engineering.

After analyzing numerous technologies, the choice fell on the system with disposable formwork in EPS (polystyrene), considered the best solution on the market to guarantee excellent anti-seismic and thermal performance, but also quality and speed of execution, essential in this situation in order to deliver the building, a kindergarten, in time for the start of the school year.

The reconstruction works began on 8 May 2017 with the laying of the first stone and ended in just 112 days, giving life to a school complex of 1360 square meters, developed on two levels capable of hosting 4 sections in total, with a capacity of up to to a maximum of 29 children each.

The building is classified as strategic, in Class of Use IV, i.e. maximum security and can be used, in the event of further emergencies, also to house the population.

In addition to the anti-seismic and fire safety parameters, the overall design took into primary consideration both the quality of the envelope and the plant engineering, in order to achieve a building with high-level energy performance (NZEB, or “nearly zero energy building” ) capable of resulting in an extremely low energy consumption and, consequently, in a particularly economical management referred to heating, cooling and lighting, but also to future maintenance, since the system is not destined to degrade over time and therefore to guarantee quality and long service life

“The President of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region Debora Serracchiani in the presentation of the reconstruction project of the Sarnano school – recalls Pontarolo Valerio, CEO of Pontarolo Engineering Spa – said that the reconstruction of the nursery school in Sarnano would not only be the best way to celebrate the memory of what happened in Friuli forty years earlier, but also the signal that is needed in those places to understand that it can be done, that it can be reconstructed well; and it is an even greater pride for us to be the suppliers of the construction system for the reconstruction of the first public-strategic building in the earthquake areas, because in addition to confirming the goodness of our system, it makes us understand that, as a Friulian company, we have been able to treasure of the tragic earthquake that devastated our Region in 1976 having looked to safety and energy saving with foresight ”.

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