In-ground pools with Climablock formwork: explore various geometric possibilities!

April 19, 20240
When it comes to building a pool, the choice of materials and construction techniques makes a difference in terms of durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and customization.

Are you planning to build an in-ground pool but unsure which method to use?

The use of EPS Climablock formwork is one of the most innovative systems in the field of concrete pool construction: it’s a technology that allows for great geometric versatility and rapid installation. 

Let’s explore the different geometric possibilities together.

Muri lineari

The most common shape for a pool is rectangular. Using EPS Climablock formwork, constructing linear walls becomes an extremely efficient and precise process. The lightweight and manageable blocks fit perfectly together, ensuring a solid and uniform structure. The linearity of the walls built with Climablock is impeccable, allowing for pools with smooth surfaces and perfectly vertical walls.

90° Corners

If you desire a square pool, choose Climablock formwork with 90° corners, which allows you to easily create precise geometric shapes such as squares or rectangles. As the formwork is produced with right angles in the factory, it guarantees exact corners, giving the pool a clean and tidy appearance.

Out-of-square corners

With Climablock, you can easily build out-of-square corners directly on-site, allowing for almost limitless design freedom. This flexibility is particularly useful for customized projects or pools that need to adapt to irregular spaces. Out-of-square corners can be used to add a unique visual element or to integrate the pool harmoniously with the rest of the landscape.

Curved Walls

One of the most distinctive features of EPS Climablock formwork is the ability to create curved walls, allowing for pools with organic shapes like ovals or free-flowing forms that naturally blend with the surrounding environment. Curved walls, aesthetically pleasing, are easy to install as they are custom-made in the factory.

Variable Depths

Another significant advantage offered by EPS Climablock formwork is the ability to create areas with different depths within the same pool, ideal for meeting the needs of all users, from children to adults who want to swim and dive. The ease with which Climablock formwork can be adapted on-site to form steps or gentle slopes allows for smooth and safe transitions, improving accessibility and usability for all pool guests.

The use of EPS Climablock formwork for the construction of in-ground concrete pools offers an incredible range of geometric possibilities, from simple and linear shapes to more complex configurations. This technology simplifies the construction process and opens the doors to unprecedented creativity in pool design, innovation, and customization!

Download our Climablock Piscine brochure to find out all the technical details.

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