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House extension in the province of Treviso with Pontarolo Construction System:

➡️ Climablock, our Twinpor EPS Insulating formwork: its high versatility permits the easy construction of curved walls;

➡️ Kaldo, the insulating formwork for raised slabs with monodirectional concrete beams casted on site.

The project was done by Arch. Manolo Bordin while the works were carried out by Consulcem Srl


Collective 2.0 consists of mid-rise residential towers with a basement level, ground floor, 16 and 18 residential floors, and a rooftop level. The building’s contemporary design and floor-to-ceiling windows give it a spacious and bright appearance.

The Cupolex Rialto variable-height aerated system was used as light weight filling to contain the loads on the pool level slab, covering an area of approximately 4500 m².


➡️ The concrete elevated floor works as light weight filling, lightening the structure ;

➡️ Utilities are running in the void under the pavement, permitting an easy maintenance.


Adeguamento sismico di una palestra ad Azzano Decimo, in provincia di Pordenone, avente struttura principale in acciaio e tamponamento in blocchi alleggeriti.

Per la realizzazione del progetto è stato utilizzato il sistema costruttivo Climablock, il cassero ICF isolante in EPS Twimpor. Ecco alcuni dei vantaggi ottenuti:

  • Creazione di un setto in c.a., esterno all’edificio, collegato alla struttura
  • Contenimento del tamponamento sul suo piano
  • Contestuale miglioramento energetico dell’edificio
  • Lavorazione all’esterno
  • Assenza di casseratura monofaccia per il contenimento del getto di calcestruzzo
  • Minima occupazione di spazio in cantiere

Clicca qui per maggiori informazioni sul Sistema Climablock


Construction of a villa in Luxembourg, with the use of the insulating ICF formwork Climablock® and the Kaldo® thermopanel for raised slabs.

➡️ Anti-seismic structure in reinforced concrete 

➡️ High thermo-acoustic performance

➡️ Class A house

➡️ High living comfort

➡️ Healty environment

Kaldo®, in combination with Climablock® formwork  ensures continuity of insulation in the wall-raised floor intersection, avoiding the formation of thermal bridges.

Find out more about the Climablock® construction system and the Kaldo® thermo panel for raised slabs



Thermal requalification of a condominium in the province of Pordenone with Spyrogrip, the exterior insulation finishing system suitable for both external and internal insulation (Spyrogrip Indoor).
Thanks to the use of TWINPOR® EPS, a high performances polystirene, we have obtained several advantages:

➡️  Higher thermal transmittance with respect to other insulation panels of the same thickness and improved living comfort;

➡️   Optimal value of vapor transpiration of the wall;

➡️   Elimination of all thermal bridges ensuring a healty environment.


Redeveloping existing buildings is essential for the environment, for the maintenance of the heritage and for the quality and safety of life.
The interventions carried out with the products of Pontarolo System ensure access to the Italian 110% Ecobonus incentives for energy efficiency in poorly insulated buildings. Find out more about the Spyrogrip thermal panel 


Construction of the new headquarters of the Mainardis Pharmacy in San Vito al Tagliamento, using the Climablock formwork, Isolcupolex and Spyrogrip raised slab. Thanks to the use of the Pontarolo System, the roof was completed just over 10 weeks after the start of the demolitions and after only 6 months the Pharmacy was open to the public.

➡️ Very fast construction

➡️ healty and comfortable building

➡️ Antiseismic

➡️ High thermal insulation


IDOM’s new headquarters are located in Bilbao on the bank of the Nervión River, near iconic buildings such as the Rafael Moneo library, Paolo Siza’s university matchmaker and Frank Ghery’s Guggenheim Museum.
The building has a modern concrete structure with glass and steel cladding that makes the most of the natural lighting offered by the site in which it is located. The project was also included in the rehabilitation plan of the old industrial area of ​​Bilbao.

The spectacular green roof is made with our Windi and Windi Drain systems, ideal for estensive green roofs such as this one. The support and material (around 2000 m2) was supplied by Pontarolo engineering together with the local company CEBE Ingenería y Sistemas Constructivos.

➡️ Optimal water drainage and retention

➡️ Big heat inertia, providing a great thermal stability of the building

➡️ Improves the air quality and mitigates pollution


Hudson Yards is changing the face of New York and it will also change how the world views New York.
An unprecedented investment labels Hudson Yards as the largest in the state and one of the most complex constructions in New York City.
Cupolex has provided the company with optimal solutions for:

➡️ Raise the slab;

➡️ Facilitate the passage of services and pipes below;

➡️ Lighting the structure and reduce the load on the ground below.


San Vito al Tagliamento

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