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Construction of the new headquarters of the Mainardis Pharmacy in San Vito al Tagliamento, using the Climablock formwork, Isolcupolex and Spyrogrip raised slab. Thanks to the use of the Pontarolo System, the roof was completed just over 10 weeks after the start of the demolitions and after only 6 months the Pharmacy was open to the public.

➡️ Very fast construction

➡️ healty and comfortable building

➡️ Antiseismic

➡️ High thermal insulation


IDOM’s new headquarters are located in Bilbao on the bank of the Nervión River, near iconic buildings such as the Rafael Moneo library, Paolo Siza’s university matchmaker and Frank Ghery’s Guggenheim Museum.
The building has a modern concrete structure with glass and steel cladding that makes the most of the natural lighting offered by the site in which it is located. The project was also included in the rehabilitation plan of the old industrial area of ​​Bilbao.

The spectacular green roof is made with our Windi and Windi Drain systems, ideal for estensive green roofs such as this one. The support and material (around 2000 m2) was supplied by Pontarolo engineering together with the local company CEBE Ingenería y Sistemas Constructivos.

➡️ Optimal water drainage and retention

➡️ Big heat inertia, providing a great thermal stability of the building

➡️ Improves the air quality and mitigates pollution


Hudson Yards is changing the face of New York and it will also change how the world views New York.
An unprecedented investment labels Hudson Yards as the largest in the state and one of the most complex constructions in New York City.
Cupolex has provided the company with optimal solutions for:

➡️ Raise the slab;

➡️ Facilitate the passage of services and pipes below;

➡️ Lighting the structure and reduce the load on the ground below.


Commercial building pavement with Isolcupolex technology. This project needed a good thermal insulation while ensuring a great load bearing capacity with no deformation.

➡️ Surface 650 m2

➡️ External thermal insulation from the pavement (improvement of the thermo-hygrometric performance of the floor)

➡️ Energy saving

➡️ Reduced installation times (simultaneous laying of ventilation and insulation)

➡️ Non-deformable structure even if subjected to large loads (use of high resistance Sottopiede)

➡️ Low consumption of concrete and steel


Construction of a cycle path in Cavallino-Treporti, built on big outcropping roots. The challenge of this project was to work on the hardscape pavement while having to maintain 12 old marittime pines. The roots were heavily damaging the existing pavement, making difficult for the bicycles to cross the cycle path. 

➡️12 tall pines to maintain

➡️Appropriate oxygenation of the soil to obtain

➡️ Safe growth of the root system without damaging the pavement

➡️ Bear structural loads with reduced thicknesses

➡️Adequate connection to the road surface

➡️Quick installation times

➡️Minimum material consumption


Planting of 6 new maples in an urban environment with Cupolex Soil Cell.

➡️ Suitable soil for the plant

➡️ Improved oxygenation of the soil

➡️ Free growth of the tree roots without emerging to the surface

➡️ Possibility to adapt the system to different plan requirements (Cupolex dome and half dome)

➡️ Adaptable to to different depth conditions

➡️ Quick installation

➡️ Minimum material consumption


San Vito al Tagliamento

PONTAROLO ENGINEERING SPA have been working in the construction business for over 55 years.
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