Green Roofs


IDOM’s new headquarters are located in Bilbao on the bank of the Nervión River, near iconic buildings such as the Rafael Moneo library, Paolo Siza’s university matchmaker and Frank Ghery’s Guggenheim Museum.
The building has a modern concrete structure with glass and steel cladding that makes the most of the natural lighting offered by the site in which it is located. The project was also included in the rehabilitation plan of the old industrial area of ​​Bilbao.

The spectacular green roof is made with our Windi and Windi Drain systems, ideal for estensive green roofs such as this one. The support and material (around 2000 m2) was supplied by Pontarolo engineering together with the local company CEBE Ingenería y Sistemas Constructivos.

➡️ Optimal water drainage and retention

➡️ Big heat inertia, providing a great thermal stability of the building

➡️ Improves the air quality and mitigates pollution


Private farmhouse in Rosignano Marittimo with horse stable realized with Climablock techology.
The building is placed in the beautiful hill area of Rosignano and meet all the seismic requirement of the area while having a high thermal insulation.

➡️ Anti-seismic structure

➡️ Meets the Hydro-geologic requirement of the area

➡️ High quality building

➡️ Maximum healthiness of the environment

➡️ Reduced energetic needs


San Vito al Tagliamento

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