Seismic and thermal requalification

The Climablock system is the ideal solution for seismic and thermal requalification of an existing building. The biggest advantages are the ability to work only from the outside, causing no disruption to the daily use of the building and raising its seismic and thermal classes.

This tested solution includes the formation of an anti-seismic shell by constructing a reinforced concrete wall suitably connected with mechanical anchors to the original structure of the building by using Climablock formworks. In this way the seismic force will be absorbed by the new concrete structure, while the loads of the building will still be beared by the existing wall.

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A careful analysis of the structure of the existing building allows the engineer to develop a structural sizing of the anti-seismic shell defining the concrete thickness, foundation needs and specification for the sizing and placement of the connection rods.

Defining the initial and the desired thermal characteristics of the property allows the engineer to choose the insulation thickness of the Climablock elements.

Climablock formworks are modules of different thickness sizes that can meet any requirement: the system is supplied to the contractor and needs to be installed directly on site and in contact with the existing structural walls.

Sistema Pontarolo per il Miglioramento sismico ed energetico

Sistema Pontarolo per il Miglioramento sismico ed energetico sulla parete di una scuola


  • Improvement of the seismic resistance of the building.
  • Applied externally.
  • Normal operations are maintained inside the building during the works.
  • It improves thermal insulation and reduces heat dispersion.
  • Increase comfort.


  • Existing buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Multi-story buildings

Sistema Pontarolo per il Miglioramento sismico ed energetico sulla parete di una scuola 1

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