Spyrogrip Sismiko, the seismic coat in EPS Twinpor for seismic and thermal requalification.

Sismiko is an innovative patented system to improve the seismic resistance of an existing building and at the same time increase its energy class. The system of spacers and panels in EPS Twinpor, from the top insulating power, is installed directly on the existing masonry acting as a formwork for the creation of a small layer of reinforced concrete against the wall that improves the seismic behavior. The insulating panels, at the same time, serve to contain the concrete jet and remain in place as a thermal coat.

The renovation with the Sismiko system therefore allows you to work only outside the building, without interrupting the normal activity inside. It is also possible to incorporate in the system new plants to replace existing ones, minimizing internal demolition operations.

The system therefore allows to consolidate the existing masonry as a reinforced plaster, but already provided with thermal insulation. It also improves the rollover resistance of the infill walls that, in the event of an earthquake, often collapse.

Cappotto Sismiko


The building remains accessible during the works, creating the least discomfort;

– The intervention takes place outside the building, without affecting the internal areas;

– Adjustable system for every need of reinforcement and insulation;

– No need for a new foundation;

Easily shaped and adjustable on site;

– Applicable to all types of existing masonry.

Adjustable spacer

The spacer Sismiko Pontarolo allows, thanks to the screw adjustment, to create walls in C.A. of varying thickness between 5.5 and 9 cm.
With the help of common pipes for formwork with a diameter of 26mm and rosettes, it will be possible to realize all wall thicknesses in C.A. over 9 cm. The cut of the tube must be as perpendicular as possible to the tube itself.

The screw adjustment also allows you to always keep a perfect foothold of the Spyrogrip EPS panel even in case of irregularities of the existing masonry.



Residential Buildings


Public Buildings


Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Cappotto Sismiko

Riqualificazione sismica ed energetica


1. Apply the engulfments to the existing structure according to the design defined by the engineer and attach the welded mesh to the masonry with the appropriate iron cover;

2. Proceed with the fixing of the aluminium starting profile, if any, and then place the first row of Twinpor panels;

3. Lay one panel at a time, applying the spacers of the Sismiko system between the existing masonry and the panel;

4. Adjust the spacer by rotating its screw body to achieve the necessary spacing;

5. Drill a hole from the outside of the panel to the existing masonry, through the spacer.


6. Apply the appropriate dowel to the hole, thus securing the panel to the wall and keeping it at the necessary distance;

7. Once the first row of panels has been laid, it is possible to fill them with carefully cast concrete, twenty centimetres at a time. Care must be taken not to dirty the concrete teeth of the interlocking panels in order not to compromise the correct coupling, possibly covering the upper side of the Twinpor panel with tape or with a rigid profile;

8. Then proceed with the laying of the next row of panels and repeat the same operations.


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