Soil Cells


Construction of a cycle path in Cavallino-Treporti, built on big outcropping roots. The challenge of this project was to work on the hardscape pavement while having to maintain 12 old marittime pines. The roots were heavily damaging the existing pavement, making difficult for the bicycles to cross the cycle path. 

➡️12 tall pines to maintain

➡️Appropriate oxygenation of the soil to obtain

➡️ Safe growth of the root system without damaging the pavement

➡️ Bear structural loads with reduced thicknesses

➡️Adequate connection to the road surface

➡️Quick installation times

➡️Minimum material consumption


Planting of 6 new maples in an urban environment with Cupolex Soil Cell.

➡️ Suitable soil for the plant

➡️ Improved oxygenation of the soil

➡️ Free growth of the tree roots without emerging to the surface

➡️ Possibility to adapt the system to different plan requirements (Cupolex dome and half dome)

➡️ Adaptable to to different depth conditions

➡️ Quick installation

➡️ Minimum material consumption


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